Meet Amber

Photo: Jenica Miller

Who I Am:

My photography journey behind the camera didn’t begin until I finished college. Moving to the Big Apple was a lifelong dream, and college gave me the opportunity to leave behind my native Los Angeles. I attended NYU, and after graduation, I decided to attend the Salt Institute in Portland, Maine to study documentary photography. I came back to New York, assisted some amazing photographers, and put what I had recently learned into action. During that time, I was exposed to all types of photography, shooting everything from bar mitzvahs to a music festival in Lagos, Nigeria. But when it came time to choose a specialty, I realized that the process of love and marriage was the one piece of the human experience for which I had a true passion. I wanted to spend my time capturing the union of two people, and all the emotions that manifest in the process.

The fact that I’m a hopeless romantic definitely influences my work. Not only do I believe in fairy tales, but I get to capture them on camera. I’m honored each time a couple chooses me to document their journey toward the one thing we all hope to find one day: true love.

What I Believe:

While I knew I wanted to focus on weddings, my experience in documentary photography has very much informed how I approach your special day. As your photographer, my role is to do more than simply document your event—it’s to be your historian. I aim to catch the meaningful moments that the couple may have missed in the present, but will treasure later—the instant when Mom fastens the last snap on her daughter’s dress, the second when the groom sees his bride for the first time, the time when Dad embraces his daughter on the dance floor—my goal is to capture those moments that will become your history. Your story.

When I’m Not Shooting Weddings:

Photo: Tyson Pough

You’ll find me traveling (even though I hate to drive!). Or cuddling with my “Snuffleupagus” named Miles. I love to read, especially historical fiction. And to design jewelry. I’m a glass-half-full type person, always aiming to make the best out of every situation, and have a great time while I do it.